Creep factor on high alert!

Sorry again for this late REBLOG!
This one is really worth a read to see what creeps I actually interacted with in my early days of online dating. I got a lot smarter and a lot wiser as time went on but Wendell had to be one of my creepiest!! I hope you enjoy this REBLOG from my early days!!

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

Despite my resolution to forget about sex forever my inner bitch was continually harassing me. My inner bitch, you know that little voice we all have in our head that sometimes helps us through tough situations but quite frankly is more often than not a complete and total pain in the ass! I figured everyone has an inner bitch living inside them but if Y’all don’t then you are reading the journey of a slightly quirky but fun loving “crazy woman” who just turned 50!
Getting back to the story, my inner bitch was still going on about sex and in the end I decided to just try once more with the online dating sites.
I had not yet tried “plenty of fish” because honestly the catching fish thing seemed so cliche but I decided what the heck, it can’t be any worse than all the others I tried.

So once again I go through…

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