Wading into the fishpond!!

So begins my journey back into online dating, cripes on a crumpet why the fuck do I do this shit to myself!! I had barely put my profile together before I started to get slammed with messages!! Honestly you would have thought my profile said “free sex, come and get it” I promise it doesn’t […]

Go get a cup of coffee —–>

I am serious!! Go now and get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, cup of tea, bonox, glass of wine!!! Whatever you need because Y’all are going to be sitting here for a minute!! I mean for real, how fricken long has it been since I have written a blog post?! Eons right!!! And I […]

Sucker punch surprise!

Sucker punch!! What does that even mean really? Knocked for six, knocked sideways!! Why are all these synonyms freaking sports related!! Anyway I feel like I have been sucker punched!! It is Mon Capitaine’s birthday today and he is celebrating with MaM, I am okay with that, well I am trying to be okay with […]

How “Jad” got her groove back!

I’m baaaaaack!! Okay I promise I will not spend this entire blog making cheesy references to movies!! But guess what?! I am “back on track”!! Do you remember my post about my affirmations here?! Well I kinda sorta failed in that regard, affirmations only work if you actually believe them when you are saying that […]