Now look who’s the creepy stalker!! For real!

I loved this blog post from back before my first date!!
It really was a very funny experience and worth the read, it shows how incredibly naive I really was….Enjoy and please comment if you enjoyed the reblog

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

Woke up Saturday morning and the first thought on my mind was OMG I have a date!!
I logged onto POF and both M and J were online. I chatted briefly to them both, J had said his son was going back to his Moms on Monday so we talked about getting together for a beer one night the following week. Another date!! I am on a roll.

Earlier in the week M had told me about a coffee shop downtown which I wanted to try so I told him I had planned on going there around lunch time  and wanted to make sure it did not mess with his plans, I knew he was having brunch downtown with friends and I did not want to accidentally run into him, he assured me he was going elsewhere for brunch but that he was planning on going to the coffee shop much later…

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