Sucker punch surprise!

Sucker punch!! What does that even mean really? Knocked for six, knocked sideways!! Why are all these synonyms freaking sports related!!

Anyway I feel like I have been sucker punched!!

It is Mon Capitaine’s birthday today and he is celebrating with MaM, I am okay with that, well I am trying to be okay with that and I thought I was doing pretty good until I got a message from My Captain saying “holy fuck” then nothing else!!

Who does that? I mean really “holy fuck” what does that mean, is that a good holy fuck or a bad holy fuck…..Eventually after leaving me in suspense for hours 9 minutes he messaged me back saying sorry he got distracted and then proceeded to tell me that MaM bought him a Michael Kors watch for his birthday…I am totally fucking gutted. I feel like I am going to spew (translation) vomit!!

You see, I know how much My Captain loves watches and how much each watch he owns has special meaning to him. On our Hawaii trip I wanted to have something that I know will always have special meaning for him. I have had my eye on a watch now for a little over a month and was just waiting for my job to start before I went to buy it…I sent him a little cheesy package for his birthday by post but he knew I was bringing his real pressie with me to Hawaii and now I am just bewildered, devastated and gutted.
Besides the fact that the watch that I was buying my Captain was not a 2-3 hundred dollar designer watch just the fact that she bought him a watch makes me feel fucking awful.!

Who the fuck does that? Who buys a fucking designer watch for a person who is not family or not a significant person in their life. Am I wrong or is this just fucking weird.?

It is not Mon Capitaine’s fault, he cannot help what someone gets him for his birthday!

Isn’t it funny how life can turn on a dime, I had no idea that when I got out of bed this morning my day was going to go on a rapid downhill slide.

Today is really fucked up, I am totally gutted, there is no other gift that I can get him that would have the same meaning as a watch….She could have gotten him any other gift on the planet why the fuck did she get him a watch…The universe truly is a suck arse bitch!!

I am gutted 😦



27 thoughts on “Sucker punch surprise!

  1. Oh darlin that’s a big bummer. And it probably feels twice as bad because you can’t actually be there with him. But you know what? I reckon once you move past this shock and disappointment, you will actually be able to come up with a new, different present idea… an experience, or an adventure perhaps? Take him hot air ballooning, or scuba diving. Paint him a picture, or print out your fav emails & texts and make them into a handmade book? Anyone can spend dollars on a watch- only YOU can make him a unique, Jad-style gift! You’ll work out something awesome
    once you’re no longer triggered xxxOOO g

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  2. You can’t rationalize your way out of this shitty feeling but it will fade. For whatever my two cents are worth as I get older I’m much more into experiences and less into stuff…so maybe an experience gift is the way to go… Either way I’m sure you’ll get him something wonderful.
    PS may the fleas of a thousand camels infest MaMs armpits.

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    • The watch was going to have special meaning, I had fantasies of 3 years in the future him looking at the time and just for a fleeting moment thinking of me.
      I have come up with another gift that may have the same impact, I am researching now.
      Hahaha Love the fleas!

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    • Thank you!!
      MC has been awesome at reassuring me, he got his little goofy gift from me and he loves everything he got….I have decided to still get him the watch.

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  3. Boy O Boy, if someone had told me the Jad I met In 2013 would one day be dropping that F bomb like dookie turds, I’d say nawwww no way, no ma’am, no spam!!! But loe’ and behold, there she blows lol.. you slay me sista.. To your post I say “fuck that biatch” and “fuck her watch”…. buy him one anywayzzz cuz you know damn well whatever you buy him he is gonna love waaaaay more than what she got him… Besides, chic seems a little thirsty to me, I sure as hell wouldnt buy no dude an expensive ass watch that I barely new, wasn’t my husband or my daddy either. But to each his own, get him what you planned on getting him, this changes nothing. Miss you!! A

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    • Miss you too my friend!!
      Yep, I have decided to still buy the watch!!
      Ya know I have always had the f-bombs inside me but now I have the freedom to let them all out!!

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