Google is seriously my best friend!!

Almost but not quite ready for my first date….Another reblog of my early journey for your enjoyment!!

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

For this next part of my journey I need to back up a little to Friday night, M and I chatted online for a little over an hour, our conversation was fairly innocuous, making plans for our upcoming date, choosing a restaurant etc. It did however involve both of us elaborating a little on why we joined POF and what we were looking for so it was at this point I told M that I was looking for some companionship, someone to enjoy a nice dinner with and if the chemistry was right then the possibility of intimacy  some time in the future but with zero chance of any long term commitment… basically, the exact same thing that I said in my original profile which attracted all the creepers……”friends with benefits”!! M was pretty much looking for the same thing, casual dating with no commitment.

Apart from a brief mention of the word intimacy there was nothing…

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