He who is yet to be named!!

Oh fuck I still cannot come up with the perfect name for him!!
Originally I was thinking of Mr Thursday because our first three dates were all on Thursdays and to be honest with you I started to suspect that he was married and Thursdays was his “supposed” poker night with the boys but our 4th date was on Friday so that killed that idea!!
For the sake of expediency because “he who is yet to be named” is too fucking long to write lets just call him Mr Thursday until I come up with a more suited name.!!

After my delicious finger fucking in the car on date 3 Mr Thursday had suggested the next date we get a hotel room…As I previous said I had told him I did not want to have sex with him until after my Hawaii trip but he suggested we could have other fun without sex.

Whilst discussing date 4 he suggested a very elite and expensive Japanese restaurant. I told him that I thought it would be best if we went there after Hawaii and when we got the hotel because that way I did not have to go there in my work clothes and I could dress nice for dinner. He agreed that was a great idea and we decided on a small bar in the city for a glass of wine and then we could discuss where to eat.

During the day of date 4 when making arrangements for the time and meeting place he suggested we meet at the most expensive lingerie store in the city, he said they had a sale on. I thought that we were just going to have a look at the types of styles we both like, you know for future reference……Well I was dead fucking wrong!!!

Mr Thursday selected this really pretty set in black and purple, unfortunately they did not have my bra size so we switched to the same set but in a pretty pale pink and black. I tried the set on which consisted of a bra, panties and suspender/garter belt (what the fuck are they called suspender or garters?)

Anyway I tried them all on and hot fucking damn they felt sexy!! The girl came in the fitting room and she was like OMG that looks amazing, do you want me to send him in? I said fuck no, he has never seen me naked. She laughed and said ” oh are you on a date” and I was like “Yeah it is our fourth date” Anyway I do not know what the fuck possessed me but I changed my mind and said “what the hell, send him in”….So the first time Mr Thursday got to see me almost naked was in the dressing room of a lingerie store.
It was so satisfying seeing his face, I thought his tongue was going to hit the floor and his eyes pop out of his head. He asked me if I liked them and I said “I love it”!! The fucking whole thing felt so incredibly sexy.

Mr Thursday turned to the girl and said we will take it all, I was like “OMG no, I thought we were just looking” He said “We did look, now we are buying”

Let me tell you the shop assistant was a fucking amazing up-seller, she asked if we had stockings and Mr Thursday said “no we better get some.” He asked which ones I liked and to be honest with you I was so fucking overwhelmed with everything that was going on I said “why don’t you choose”. Well that was enough for the sales assistant, she said we have a special on, buy 2 and get one 3, there are 3 designs so you can get one of each. She really knows her fucking job, he agreed that all 3 was a great idea.

Mr Thursday made a comment about the purple and black one, his original choice, she said she could check if they had it online and if they did he could order it, lo and behold they did so she only went and fucking sold  him the garter and panties to match so he could then order the bra online when he got home.

THREE HUNDRED and TEN dollars…….I am not fucking shitting you, he spent $310 on lingerie!!! AND was getting ready to spend another $75 ordering the bra online!!!

I was totally gobsmacked!! The entire rest of the evening was kind of a blur, not only was I deathly worried about Mon Capitaine (long story but he puked up his spleen) I was also flabbergasted with the expensive lingerie gift and my mind just kept ruminating about what it all actually meant.

Despite my batshit crazy mind doing cartwheels I did have a lovely date, we shared a cheese platter and drank some wine but I simply could not eat, it was a struggle to eat the cheese platter to be honest so I declined dinner.

We moved onto another bar, it was an underground speakeasy which was fantastic!!
During the evening I checked my watch expecting it to be around 9:30 pm….It was fucking 11:12 and there were only 2 trains left for me to get home so it was a quick walk to his car, short drive to the train station, quick kiss goodbye where as I was closing the car door he told me he loved me!!!! OMFG what the fuck am I supposed to do with that?!

Once home and in bed I had a horrible night ,  another fight and some difficult conversations with My Captain and lots to think about with Mr Thursday translated into  absolute fucking shitty night with very little sleep.

The next morning I decided I had to send Mr Thursday a very LONG text….I mean war and fucking peace long!! I gave him the readers digest version of my life, he needed to understand where I came from and where I am heading and he needed to be very clear about Hawaii. So many people suggested I keep information about Mon Capitaine to myself but I am not that type of person. Honesty and openness is integral to who I am!!!

I also needed him to understand my concerns about our class difference….I mean fuck he earns in one day more than I earn in an entire fucking week!! I told him that while I think I am a pretty fucking classy lady I just do not know if I would fit into his social circle. I also expressed my feelings about the gift. There was such dichotomy, It was a wonderful thrilling exciting experience but also uncomfortable and awkward…I was not really sure of the protocol of such a gift and after he read the story of my life if he decided to run for the hills does that mean I return the lingerie to him.

Mr Thursday did not run away, in fact he had entirely the opposite reaction, he loved my honesty and my story. The lingerie is a gift plain and simple, it does not come with an obligation for sex and if that never happens between us the lingerie is mine to wear and enjoy. At the end of our phone call he said “I love you” and I automatically without even thinking responded with “I love you too” OMFG what the fucking hell did I just do?!

This is a fine fucking mess I got myself into??? Don’t get me wrong, I like him a lot but it is only date fucking 4……shit we have not even fucked yet and love has not even crossed my mind at this stage.

34 thoughts on “He who is yet to be named!!

    • It felt very strange but to be fair I am trying to decided if he is one of those types of people who tells the dry cleaners that he loves them….He is very expressive and this may just be his thing. I do not think he is saying he is IN love with me. Time will tell I guess.

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  1. Shit and I thought I had some mess to sort through!! Lol. Guess you should take his word for it and accept the lingerie as a gift. Maybe he is really genuine and just what the doctored ordered. Hope Hawaii is awesome and you and the Captain have a blast.

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  2. Some people can fall in love quickly—it may be where they are in their life or this desire to be part of something! It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you should refrain from saying it back unless you mean it. I would correct that utterance you made asap. It’s ok to say “I like you a lot”.

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  3. Oh c’mon! How could he NOT fall madly in love with the Jadalicious model 66/6, 2018 series!?! It’s practically a requirement!

    What’s his email address? We’ll send him the users manual!

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  4. Well Jad this is an interesting twist! It’s wonderful to have someone gift something so meaningful to you both and I think your inner self needs to feel worthy of this regardless of the motive. I know there are all kinds of mixed up going on, but I would also be wary of someone who would say such a thing so quickly. You are right to feel the warning bells going off. Just go slow my girl 🙂

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    • Yes, I don’t want to be a wet, cautious blanket, but I’d be VERY wary of someone who used those words so fast- it’s a loaded phrase- and you need to stay grounded and stick to your intention not to sleep with him before Hawaii- don’t let him manipulate you via his money, gifts, attention, and use of the word love…

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      • Hi G and thanks for your comments. He is actually being very sweet and understanding about me not wanting to take the next step until after Hawaii.
        I am still trying to determine if he said he loved me in a manner of someone who is very expressive or that he feels like he is IN love with me. I have another date Thursday so I will talk more with him then.

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    • I’m trying to decide if he said it because he is a very expressive person and that’s just his mannerisms or if he really feels like he’s in love with me. I guess only time will tell

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  5. Sometimes it is what it is, Jad. I am struggling with how I feel about my new man. Sometimes I look at him and want to say I love you. I just don’t want it to be one sided. I don’t know if he would say it back and I would be crushed. It’s take almost 2 years for me to want to be exclusive with someone……………..

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  6. Lingerie stores really are so expensive. That’s why I hate buying new work outfits haha. I think they’re called garter belts. At least that’s what I call ’em. The outfit he chose sounds really sexy!! I’m glad you let him see you in it. 😉 Men loooove to gift lingerie to women. Especially rich men. It means nothing to them but a lot yo you and they know it, they’re only hope is that you’ll wear it for them one day & that you’ll be impressed with their bank account! I can’t believe he said I love you though. He could definitely become a smotherer… ah! Best of luck, Jad!

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    • So far he does not seem like a smotherer, just a really expressive person. I am really enjoying his company, the only thing is we usually only have a date once a week and that will be a problem for me, the whole reason I started dating again was because PP did not have time to see me more than once every 7 to 10 days

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