The date of the century!! Oh, actually half a century, I’m only 50!

I am SO sorry I am such a slack arse at reblogging…I mean fuck what is the deal it is not like I need to fucking write anything….I have NO excuse except that I totally suck at having a schedule for reblogging
I hope you enjoy this one, it is about my FIRST date ever…Truly, I am NOT shitting you…50 fucking years old and I go on my first ever date

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

Finally, it is time for the date! throughout the day it seemed like it would never get here but at other times it felt like I was on fast forward and it was getting here too fast. I am a complete and total mess of nerves, sexual tension, apprehension, excitement…You name it and I am pretty fucking sure I am feeling it! I spent the entire day hovering between wanting to cancel the date and just wanting to get it over it. Most people who know me, and know me well, understand that I am very good at trying to sabotage things. Fortunately I have a good friend who spent the entire day responding to my rambling text message in all the right ways…Even those ones where I begged her to go on the date for me and tell him that she posted a fake picture and changed her mind and did not want a date after all!!!


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