A fishy tale!!… The one that got away!

OH MY FUCKING GAWD!!! Can you believe it, I am back in again!! Yep, I am wading through the murky ponds of PoF trying to catch a treasure, but right now all I seem to pulling up is bottom feeders!! Honestly I do not know what it is about me or my profile but so […]

Goodbye My Captain!

Finally!! It’s time to write this…There will be no book,  no movie, no happy ending…This is the greatest worst fucked up love story of all time but the ending could not have been more suck arsed bullshit if ya tried…Honestly,  if I wrote a book about our love story and they turned into a movie […]

Sex in the city!!

So y’all read my update on Mr Thursday right? If you didn’t..what the heck!! You better go read it here!! Okay, are you done? Did you read it? Good!!! Cause now you can ignore every fucking word!! Seriously, I am not shitting you…Well not every fucking word but you can ignore the bit about me […]

Somethings in life are just not meant to be!!

There are some things that are just not meant to be….Like peanut butter and chocolate!! I mean really who the fuck came up with that disgusting partnership?!! Crown royal and Redbull shots! Now that is a fucking combination waiting for disaster…I know because I went there!!

Pretty little princess……Plug!!

I have this adorable little princess plug which I bought a couple of months ago for one of my spanking sessions with “The Pink Panther” and had so much pleasure wearing it I decided to take it to Hawaii with me…….What?! You don’t know what a princess plug is…Okay go google it, I will wait!!! […]