Pretty little princess……Plug!!

I have this adorable little princess plug which I bought a couple of months ago for one of my spanking sessions with “The Pink Panther” and had so much pleasure wearing it I decided to take it to Hawaii with me…….What?! You don’t know what a princess plug is…Okay go google it, I will wait!!! Make sure you google the pretty little blue heart shaped one because that is the one I have and the one this story is about!!!

So now that you have googled it and the image of this pretty little plug is fresh in your mind  let me tell you the story…..Disclaimer….This story involves this item of delight being worn in my arse so if this is going to embarrass you or if you feel like you cannot sit across the table from me in a restaurant after knowing this about me then maybe you might wanna skip reading it because it gets even more descriptive than a plug up my arse!!!

Are you still with me…Okay…So picture this…me, in Hawaii, with “The Captain” and “The princess plug”!!
During one of our MANY sexcapades we decided to play with the princess plug. A little bit of lube on this lovely little silver jewel of pleasure and in she popped. Well, it took a little more effort than that but you get the picture, actually when you first put one in your first thought is usually holy fucking god get that thing out but that feeling is very short lived and it is soon replaced with intense pleasure….Honestly if you have never tried one you really should!!…But I digress!!

I am on the bed, doggy fashion….why the fuck do we say doggy fashion? I reckon a good 90% of 4 legged animals do it doggy style you would thing they would come up with a better fucking name….Shit, I digressed again…sorry!! So, all fours on the bed with the plug up my arse and “The Captain” quite vigorously pounding in behind me when all of a sudden he stops……I am like thinking, no no no, don’t fucking stop now, I am just on the edge of an orgasm….But he freaking stopped and not only did he stop he said push out…Push out like your going to poop!!!
Now let me tell you, words you do not want to hear when you are being soundly fucked is “push out like your going to poop” Seriously!!! What the fuck?! My brain was not registering what the fuck was going on until “The Captain” told me the plug has slipped ALL the way into my arse!!!
NO!!! How can that be??!! I mean seriously my arsehole is almost freaking virgin how can that great fucking heart shaped jewel just slip in my arse without me feeling it?!
I put my hands around to check and sure enough it was gone….In my arse!!
It was about this time panic set in, I had visions of having to go to hospital….(in Hawaii) to have a princess plug surgically removed from my arse!! What the fuck was I going to do, not just for the sheer fucking embarrassment factor but I had NO insurance…How much does getting a princess plug removed from your arse even cost these days?
In desperation I shoved two fingers up my own arsehole and managed to feel the heart shaped jewel on the top of the plug. I tried to push like I was going to poop but every time I laughed between hysterical panic and exclamations of “no no no this can’t be happening” the plug got sucked back in deeper!!

Desperate times called for desperate measures and I told “The Captain” that he was going to have to do it, he was going to have to take his BIG, man sized fingers and dig that plug out of my arse!!
Let me tell  you, it is one thing to be having intimate sex with a man you love which has included quite a lot of arse play but it is another thing to have said man digging around in your arsehole with his fingers trying to extract a stupid dumb arse Houdini fucking princess plug!!

Mission accomplished “The Captain” managed to extract this lovely little silver jewel of pleasure pain but not without some damage…In fact the plug was generously coated with a reasonable amount of blood as my poor little bum hole suffered some mild internal bleeding…..I guess I should be grateful it was ONLY  blood.!!! It could have been a LOT worse!!

So the moral of this story? Honestly I do not know if there is a moral!! I mean really doesn’t this seem like one of those “it only happens to Jad” type situations?! The shit that I get myself into!!

One thing for sure, getting a plug sucked into your arse is definitely a mood killer!!

31 thoughts on “Pretty little princess……Plug!!

  1. It was hilarious, despite the fact that her cute little bum hole swallowed that heart shaped jewel! The conversations that ensued could have been an entire movie of own….”The case of the disappearing jewel”…

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  2. LMFAO I CANT STOP LAUGHING JAD IM SO SORRY!!!!!! and now I’m like HOW DID I FALL SO DAMN BEHIND THAT NOW SHES IN HAWAII! With the CAPTAINNNN!!!!!! What!!?? YESSSSS! As for the beads- I’ve always been a bit terrified! Lol and now I’m traumatized HAHAH!

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