Somethings in life are just not meant to be!!

There are some things that are just not meant to be….Like peanut butter and chocolate!! I mean really who the fuck came up with that disgusting partnership?!!
Crown royal and Redbull shots! Now that is a fucking combination waiting for disaster…I know because I went there!!

Then there is Jadalicious and Mr Thursday…. A combination that was just never going to work!!
7 dates and no sex? That has got to be a fucking record for real!! I mean shoot we played a little, and when I say played a little I mean I got fingered in the front seat of his car but that is as far as it went.
We had a hotel booked for our “sex night” 3 times and it got deferred each time for various reasons and it was on the 3rd time I decided once and for all that I needed to listen to my gut and just call it off completely.

Seriously!! My gut has been telling me since the 2nd date that we were like oil and fucking water but did I listen….NO..!!!
Sometimes I think I have a hard time working out if my gut is telling me something or if my inner bitch is fucking with me and I think this is what was going on because I know I had a little bit of insecurities about him outclassing me but at the end of the day it was not about class.

There was chemistry, I mean he was dead sexy and a great fucking kisser but he was also an extremist on various subjects and had some extremely strong political views and not really open to discussion, debates or others opinions….I had decided after about the 5th date that things were just not going to work out for us and was ready to call it off but see there was this thing about the lingerie!!

Remember (here) he bought me over $300 worth of lingerie on our 4th date.!!! Even though he said I did not need to return it if we never had sex I still kind of felt like maybe he should at least get to have sex with me one time in this fancy lingerie…Beside I had a full set and then half of another set, he still had bra and panties for the second set, I figured I could kinda sorta prostitute myself for one night in a hotel with him for the other half of the lingerie and then call it off after that!!

But honestly it got too fucking hard and it got to the point where I do not give a flying fuck about the lingerie I just knew it was not going to work with him and did not want to mess him or me around anymore so I sent him the below message.

Hi Mr Thursday, I have thought a lot over the last few days and really feel that I have to listen to my gut….I have found that when things continually don’t work out for various reasons then it just isn’t meant to be. I also think that you and I are looking for different things….I don’t want marriage but I am looking for a long term monogamous relationship and I don’t feel you can incorporate that into your busy life. I did have some great times with you and I wish you nothing but the best.!

Crickets…..Nothing, nada, no response!!

Oh well, I was going to see if he wanted to swap the god awful tie I bought him in Hawaii for the other half of the lingerie but I guess that ain’t gonna happen!!

Moving on…Diving headfirst back in the murky ponds of PoF to see what else I can reel in!!

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