Sex in the city!!

So y’all read my update on Mr Thursday right? If you didn’t..what the heck!! You better go read it here!!
Okay, are you done? Did you read it? Good!!!

Cause now you can ignore every fucking word!! Seriously, I am not shitting you…Well not every fucking word but you can ignore the bit about me breaking it off with him…oh and the bit about him not responding to my message!!

Ya see I did get a response….five days later.! Actually it was a very nice message, apologizing for the delay and explaining why he had not had time to previously respond and wishing me nothing but the best!! So you would thing that would be it right?!

WRONG!! I could not get this fucking half a set of lingerie out of my head. If you remember, Mr Thursday had bought me the bottom half of an absolutely beautiful lingerie set and then had ordered the bra online because they did not have my size in store, we never got the opportunity for him to give it to me before I broke it off so I ended up with this this lovely set of knickers and suspenders with no matching bra….I know right, annoying as FUCK!! Anyway I had planned to go ahead and order the bra online despite the fact that it was more money than I would ever pay for a bra for myself but my OCD demanded a matching set.
I realized I really should buy it from Mr. Thursday, I mean he is stuck with half a set of lingerie and I need half a set of lingerie so I sent him a very nice texting asking if I could purchase it from him and letting him know I still had the gift I bought him in Hawaii. He got confused and thought I was talking about the lingerie I already had and he said no, it was my birthday gift and mine to wear, use and enjoy. I clarified I was talking about the other 2 pieces he had, seems he had put them in a closet still in the packaging and forget they were there. He agreed we should meet to exchange the Hawaii gift and lingerie but when I asked him how much I owed him for the bra and knickers he said “it’s not nice to make someone pay for a gift” I told him that I already had my gift but if he would not take any money then I insisted on buying dinner, drinks and dessert.

To cut a long story short after a day or two of exchanging texts what initially started as dinner and drinks in order to exchange items ended up with promises of lingerie modelling, overnight bags packed and a hotel room  booked for the night!!

So Thursday afternoon….Yep fucking Thursday haha….I had to get changed for the date at work, do you know how fucking hard it is to put complicated lingerie on in a fucking toilet stall…with no mirror!? The stockings were those lovely little fancy ones with the line all the way down the back and do you think I could get the fucking line straight. The panties and bra had little straps and jewels and all kinds of things to straighten up but with no mirror it was fucking impossible so I had no option….When we went to drop our bags off in the hotel room before dinner I took my dress off so that Mr Thursday could straighten up the lingerie set….I mean seriously, look at this picture (not me) how can anyone be expected to put this stuff on straight with no freaking mirror!!


Mr. Thursday took an awful long time straightening up the lingerie between kisses until finally he realized if we did not go soon neither of us would end up eating any food!!

Fast forward, we had nibbles in the hotel club lounge, a few glasses of wine, more nibbles and then decided we were quite full of nibbles and the best thing to do was to go back to our hotel room for errrr ummmmm dessert!!!

Let me tell you, Mr Thursday is full of surprises, y’all know I got nicely fingered in the front seat of his car on previous dates…twice!! Well I thought the front seat of the car was pretty amazing, OMG what he can do when there is semi nakedness, more room and a bed!! I seriously freaking soaked that bed to the point where I had a rather large wet patch to sleep in that night!! That man has magic fucking fingers!!

Mr Thursday also  loves to pay lots of attention to nipples which is great because my nipples just  LOVE attention. I did have to tell him however that I needed him to switch up now and then from one to the other….It’s a symmetry thing and I get a little antsy if only one nipple gets attention!!

Overall what was supposed to be a brief drink and exchange of items of clothing ended up being some hot, horny wild sex in a beautiful hotel room in the city followed by some equally exciting morning sex the next day!!

Mr Thursday does not have time to date enough to fulfill my needs so I am back to that age old problem I continue to have in finding one person who can fulfill my social and sexual needs!!
Despite our differences I do like Mr Thursday so we have agreed to continue to see each other on a casual basis with him knowing I will likely date other people.

I am so behind in blogging my friends I have 3 or 4 to write and hundreds to read but I will try very hard to catch up soon. My next blog will be about where I am at with “The Captain”

15 thoughts on “Sex in the city!!

  1. Ah! I hate those fancy leggings with the line down the back too! I can never keep them straight! & if that’s the same lingerie set he bought you, I’m so jealous but give you so much props for getting it on with no mirror, wow!

    I’m glad you gave Mr. Thursday another chance & that it turned out well. 😄

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