Foibles, phobias and feet!!

OMG I am so slack at reblogging!!
I hope you enjoy this next installment in my journey.
Stay tuned I am just getting ready to write a blog about my most recent experiences

Sensuality, Sex & Something else

I get home from the best date ever and go directly to my computer so I can turn it on and send M a message telling him it was the best date ever!!! Well, not quite in those words because that would be juvenile!!

When I get there M is already online waiting for me.
I said “M, we need to talk, but first I need coffee”…no no no! not that kind of coffee… real coffee, here at my house!!!
I threw off my clothes, got into my pajamas, grabbed a coffee and then settled in for what promised to be an awkward, difficult, embarrassing conversation.

To save myself from further discomfort in trying to explain the whole sorry mess all over again to Y’all I was just going to copy and paste some snippets of our conversation…..just snippets…edited snippets….oh hell just little bits and pieces of the darn conversation okay!! However………

In a previous post I did not have any problems in copy…

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