Mr Improbable, Mr Impossible or Mr Confusing!?

After a string of shitty arsed dates and my PoF account being deleted for breach of terms and conditions I was so fucking done!! Stick a fork in me I am DONE with PoF.

I decided to try RSVP which is a paid site, I thought that if men had to pay to chat with me then they just might be looking for more than a fuck buddy or a one night stand!!

The way this works is you can send a kiss for free….if you receive a kiss you can respond with interested or not interested and choose some automated type responses such as “Thanks for the kiss, I am happy to have a conversation” OR “Thanks for the kiss but I want to date someone in my local area”
After you respond they have the choice if they want to spend a stamp to initiate a conversation with you….Fucked if I know how much stamps cost but out of respect for them it is important to only respond with your interest if you are serious about a conversation with them.

My profile is very clear in that it says I am looking for “Mr Impossible” because I don’t think it exists but despite this I received 62 kisses in the first few days….I am not shitting you 60 fucking 2!!
I responded to 58 of them with “Not interested” for various reasons and responded to 4 of them that I would be interested in a conversation.

Two of the profiles really stood out, one was “Acedog” and the other was……Well let’s call him “Mr Confusing” for now.
“Acedog” came first, I was not really physically attracted to him but he wrote an awesome profile and I thought maybe I would have more luck if I looked past the physical. We started chatting on Thursday and we set up a date for Sunday lunch.

I began chatting with “Mr confusing” Saturday, he too wrote a great profile and then followed up with an awesome introductory first message. It helped that he was also physically attractive so we set up date for same day.

From Thursday to Saturday the texts from “Acedog” were becoming more intense, he literally texted me a blow by blow account with everything he was doing during the day including photos. He also sent a plethora of photos of his dog Ace and I thought holy fuck I am going to be in direct competition with Ace!!

The date with “Mr Confusing”…..Now where do I start, firstly it was a little freaky because we were both typing at the same time meeting at the same place for a walk along the beach and then drinks or dinner after if there was a connection. I mean really of ALL the beaches between my place and his we chose the same one…Weird!!

The walk along the beach was enjoyable but one of the most interesting dates I have been on yet, within the first 10 minutes he was hearing my story…You know the “fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy, self confessed nympho story” Albeit it was an edited version and because of his constant asking of questions the subject got changed multiple times so not one story from the many parts of the journey was actually finished.

After our walk we enjoyed drink at a nearby club where he presented me with chocolates….I mean really he gave me chocolates, not fucking store bought processed crap but real chocolates from a “chocolatier” ….Well y’all know I have a weakness for “REAL chocolate!!

After pre dinner drinks we decided we could continue to stand each others company so we went to an awesome Peruvian restaurant for dinner. I had already told “Mr Confusing” that I like to pay my own way and he had responded by saying we would sort it out when the bill came. As it turned out he suggested tossing a coin for it. I won the toss twice which meant I got to pick up the tab but when we actually went to pay the bill he payed half.

After dinner we went to his house to drop off his backpack and park my car and then we walked to a nearby cafe for dessert and coffee, more conversation and stolen kisses before walking back to his place where he invited me in for “cuddles”

Seriously…What the fuck is wrong with me….I should know better…. I am intelligent enough to know that cuddles does NOT mean cuddles, but honestly I thought we would just play around a bit and then stop before it got too far!! I guess I forgot that it had been a while since I had sex and I was horny as fuck!!

What followed was close to 4 hours of amazing incredible sex!! I mean seriously I was sucked and fucked so good my legs were actually shaking, I mean they were “actually” physically shaking. Talk about jelly legs!!

As I was getting ready to leave I realized I had not texted my daughter to let her know I was okay. “Mr Confusing” asked me what I was going to tell her and I said “I am going to tell her I did not follow my no sex till 4th date rule, was seduced and was fucked for 4 hours” He said don’t tell her that she will think I am a wanker…. So I said how about this…. “I was horny, he was horny so we did what grown adults would do and fucked like rabbits for 4 hours”…He was agreeable to this summation..!

So I hear y’all asking why is he “Mr Confusing” well here is the thing, I texted him this morning and after a little bit of conversation this is what I got.!
” Ok I am not sure if our personalities are matched but I am happy to see you again. I am not going to presuppose or rush into anything serious but be organic and open.”

Not sure if your personalities match?! Holy mother why did we fuck then??!!
Also I am not even sure what he meant by organic and open!! ….All I know is I don’t want a “fuck buddy” I am so fucking done with that crap so if that is where he is heading it’s just not going to work so I responded with the following.
“Okay well I don’t need to jump into serious but I am looking for monogamy and if you can’t commit to that there really is no point.”

It was at this point that I made a firm decision on something I had seriously been mulling over for the last few weeks…I decided to share my blog with him.
I know, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me but you know what!!!
Y’all know that honesty is integral to me and who I am, honest to myself first and foremost and then honest to my blog and those around me. When I decided to start looking for a relationship beyond sex I thought wouldn’t it be terrible if I started dating someone and we ended up getting serious and I then had to find someway to tell them about my blog. It all seems so dishonest so I thought fuck it!! For ANY relationship to work whether it is a “pre romantic possibilities” type relationship, ongoing fuck buddy or what ever the relationship they need to accept ME for who I am and this blog is ME!!

If someone cannot accept this about me, my journey, my story, where I have been and where I am going then they are not the right person for me!!

So in all honesty I am not sure where I am at with Mr Confusing…..Is he going to be Mr Improbable? Mr Impossible? Or is he going to be “Master or Sir”….Hahahaha what a  twist hey?, you did not see that one coming did ya!!?
Anyway I am going to see what happens over the next week or two before I decide what is best for me in regards to Mr Confusing, right now I have decided not to make any rash judgments or decisions.

And what of Acedog? Well in all fairness to him I cancelled the date, not just because of Mr Confusing but also because I think he is a little bit of a crackpot and when crackpot and batshit crazy collide they do not do well together!!!

I have also deleted all of my UNPAID dating accounts, if I do get back into online dating I will do my research and join a paid account. I just think you get a better “gene pool”!!

18 thoughts on “Mr Improbable, Mr Impossible or Mr Confusing!?

    • It’s possible, for now I am just going to “be organic and open” and see where it takes me.
      I know I have said I do not want just a fuck buddy but the sex is freaking amazing so I am happy to put aside my foibles for the time being, ride this wave and see where it goes

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  1. Well I’ll be interested in your experiment re the paid vs unpaid sites. I have never been on a paid site but I hear they are the same as the unpaid – and finding suitable matches is as close to impossible as ever, although sometimes there is a lot more at play than luck.

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  2. Ah! I don’t know what to say! I think Mr. Confusing is bad news… how could he say your personalities are not matched?! He barely knows you. Have you guys set up another date?

    And lol yes, acedog does sound like a crackpot.

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    • Yeah I am not sure where that comment came from because I feel like there is a great connection. We seem to have quite a few common interests as well as separate interests which for me is always a good match because keeping your individuality is important.
      And ummmm yes he stayed over last night 😛

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    • Yeah dating sucks arse but tossing my legs in the air is not the answer!! I think I would be better of investing in a few assorted Bobs and be done with men!!


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