Mr No-longer!!

Remember Mr whatever from my last blog post here ? Well here is your update….. he is now Mr no longer!
Seems after 3 dates each of which ended in some incredible sex we have mutually called it off.

I know right!! I hear you yelling “Why oh WHY did I give up incredible sex!!” but here is the thing. I am NOT looking for a fuck buddy, I am so done…done stick a fork in me I am DONE with that crap!!

Okay but wait, in defense of Mr No longer that is not what he is looking for either but ya see he did not feel the chemistry and attraction for me that I felt for him and I am not about to be somebodies “doofer” and neither was I interested in waiting to see if that attraction would build for him.

We actually had probably one of the most unusual encounters that I have had in my 2 years of online dating. Our first date was charged with sexual tension….This is not completely unusual for me considering that I am a slightly quirky, fun loving, batshit crazy self confessed nympho but in the last 7 or 8 months I have been able to keep a tight reign on my hormones.

If ya remember way back when “July 2016” when I discovered that chocolate was NOT better than sex I went a little crazy and had some random one night stands which I knew were going to be one night stands.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not ashamed of them and I do not regret them for a minute, it was all part of my experiences and my journey but ya know that shit does mess with your self esteem and there was no fucking way I was going back there….Honestly I thought dating was going to be a LOT easier when I got back to Australia considering I not longer had to put an “end date” on my profile but if anything it is fucking harder!!

Prior to Pink Panther I had 9 unsuccessful or shitty dates all of which I managed to keep my raging hormones in check, same with “Mr Thursday” I mean I was horny as fuck but I would not sleep with him until “The Captain and Hawaii” was done…..Then I had a dates with  Scotty and Hakuna Matata who were both awesome kissers but I did not have that intellectual connection with them which made it easy for me to keep my libido in check….. But here I was meeting “Mr No longer” and we were fucking like rabbits on the first date. I mean it was some really serious fucking, almost 4 hours of incredible sex!!

So anyway I had chemistry along with intellectual and physical attraction for Mr No longer however it was not the same for him and while it seemed he was happy to be organic and see where it went. I had begun to feel concerned because I realized my attraction for him had the potential for me to end up getting hurt and I was not about to open myself up and put myself in that situation…. I had begun to feel like this was a dinner and sex kind of arrangement for him which is a polite way of saying fuck buddies and that is NOT what I am looking for….I kind of wish I had listened to my instincts after the first date when he said he did not think our personalities matched but oh well what is done is done…non paenitet!!

BUT see now I have been kind of left wondering if I am ever really going to find what I am looking for….!…I mean I want a sexual relationship with someone……that is important but I want OH so much more than that!!

I mean really….Here it is Saturday night and once again I am getting ready for bed at 9 pm..On week nights I get home from work at around 5.15 pm, eat dinner, play on my phone for a bit and then I am in bed by 8.30 ready to sleep because I am bored to tears.

I need excitement, I need adventure, I need someone to have adventures with, a like minded intelligent individual who loves life, loves to have fun, loves food and cooking, beer and wine, song and dance, exercise and health….And sex, plenty of sex!!!

A financially secure person who has their own space and does not want to move into mine, occasional sleepovers, lazy weekends , crazy adventures, vacations in Bali!!

If you see my Mr Impossible can ya please send him my way….In the mean time I guess BoB is going to be my best friend for a LONG time because I am SO so SO over having sex with someone until they have read my ENTIRE blog IN FULL and we are at at least 4th date!!


13 thoughts on “Mr No-longer!!

  1. Hi Jad! On-line dating sounds incredibly frustrating. I am hoping that you find a partner in this crazy life soon, but in the meantime…plan some fun adventures for yourself! A cruise could be fun, or take that trip to Bali. Wishing you the best 🙂


  2. I’m sorry it turned out this way. I have been meaning to ask you what happened to Pink Panther? And I most definitely recommend hanging in there – try some new places and strategies. Also consider joining Meet Up. Thanks to Lauren I joined and there are some fabulous events on all over town. At the very least, it will increase your social life. Looking forward to our next lunch 🙂

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    • I joined a meetup and have been to one event but I did find they all had their little “cliques” I think it was because of the type of event it was so I am hoping the next event is more successful. The Pink Panther is a friend thought I have not had contact for a while.

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