Are you him? Can this be real?

“As I look deep into your eyes trying to look into your soul I have to wonder “Are you him? could you be my Mr. Impossible?!!”

So my friends, readers and fellow bloggers as you know my from my last post I had a plethora of dates just recently and another of plethora of dates scheduled. It was like I went into a kind of dating frenzy. I joined Zoosk (paid for site) almost 2 weeks ago and ya know when you first join a site you are the new kid on the block so I was a little popular but fuck me dead if I did not get over 30 fucking messages, smiles or hearts while I was still writing my profile!! Within the short time I have been on Zoosk I would estimate I was contacted by heart, smile or message by at least 70 men.

I ignored anyone who just sent just a heart or smile….I mean really fuck if they cannot do better then sending an emoji I am not bothering my arse to respond.

I tried to NOT respond to messages for men who clearly had not taken the time to read my profile or who were out of my distance or age range but fuck it all my manners would not let me so I had to send multiple “I am sorry but” messages.

I had high hopes for zoosk but after quite a few false starts, fucked up dates and dealing with jerks I was almost getting ready to give up when “he” walked in!! I don’t mean literally… Holy crap that would have been awkward considering I just got out of the shower and I was naked!! But I did receive an intriguing message from him on Zoosk!! I mean seriously “he” did not take all the bullshit demands in my profile about “Mr Impossible” “He” challenged me but in a way that was not threatening, in fact it was playful and enticing.

After a very short time of messaging in zoosk we decided to have a brief phone conversation….”3 hours, one minute and 50 seconds” I mean really!! I am not fucking shitting you we spoke on the phone for over 3 fucking hours. I was totally shocked when I looked at my phone and realized how late it was..! Regretfully we both realized that we should probably end our conversation and get some sleep but it seems we had not really had enough of each other and texted back and forth for another 20 – 30 minutes, during this time we scheduled to meet for lunch the next day.

We decided to meet in an extremely “cliche” place, Seriously….!! If we had an Empire State building here it would have been a little like that. “He” decided to make our first even more cliche by telling me he was wearing jeans and a windbreaker and carrying something cliche….When we met he presented me with single red rose, but let me tell you….While that may seem really cliche that single red rose spoke volumes!! Y’all know that in my life I have had VERY few opportunities or experiences of someone wanting to take the time to romance me so little gestures like this just “do me in”!!

We exchanged warm hugs and then walked up the touristy street among the many restaurants to choose a location for lunch…..I know, I know!! What the fuck happened to my dating rules?! First the phone call, then coffee before the food date but ya know we talked on the phone for 3 fucking hours we could have had 3 coffee dates during that time so we decided it was perfectly okay to skip right to the food date!!

I cannot really tell  you if the food was any good because I was more interested in the conversation and the electricity that was in the air. After a leisurely lunch neither of us were eager to part ways so we decided to take a walk where we ended up in a dessert bar. Another electricity filled leisurely exchange of conversation, food and gentle hand caressing I realized that I needed to tell him “my story”

We had some brief exchanges on the phone and through out the day  and he had gotten a little hint of things but he needed to know a lot more about me before “this” whatever “this” was went any further so I asked him if we could go for a walk so we could talk more privately.

We walked for around 2 hours where I told him about my journey from discovering at the age of 50 that sex was better than chocolate, to the journey of sexual exploration all the way through to my current situation with my FWB “Mr Thursday” including the fact that I am booked to go to Sydney with “Mr Thursday” in September.

“He” seemed to be very receptive and understanding of my journey and show any signs of being judgmental which was a huge plus.

After our walk we went to get a glass of wine, which led to some delicious kissing on the couch, again neither of us were eager to part ways and we had been in each others company for almost 6 hours. We decided that what we really needed to do was move onto the dinner date!! I am not shitting you!!!

We met for a lunch date, moved onto a dessert date, then went for a long leisurely walk, followed by a wine date, to a dinner date….We had five fucking dates in one day!!! By the time we finally parted ways after snogging in my car for a bit we had been together for 8 hours!!……EIGHT freaking hours for a “first date”!!

We met again for dinner after work the next day in another cliche location and I decided to do the really cliche thing by giving him chocolates!! Not over the top just a small little tray of 3 (because it is my lucky number) handmade chocolates!!

After dinner he saved me a long train trip by driving me home!!..I made some coffee and we went into my living room and began snogging on my couch….Between kisses I looked into his eyes trying to see into his soul and my mind was begging the question…….”Are  you him? Is this real? Can you possibly be my Mr Impossible?

It all seems so surreal to be honest, our connection was instantaneous, the electricity was almost visible and the sexual tension delicious. There are so many similarities but enough differences to make it interesting…. And I have to wonder…Is this real, could this really be happening……..!!!

Or……Am I so desperate for love, affection and attention that I am looking through rose colored glasses?

Only time will tell really, “he” knows that I will not have sex with him until I have ended with “Mr Thursday” and that will not happen until after Sydney so we have the next 4 weeks to discover each other intimately without being intimate!!

I know the next step is to give him my blog to read and I am terrified of the consequences of doing that but anyone who has any possibility of mileage with me needs to know “ME”!! I hope that “HE” is the person whom I think “HE” is!!!



26 thoughts on “Are you him? Can this be real?

  1. My advice if you want it: stop throwing this blog at men you are just starting to see! It is completely overwhelming, and to be honest, hasn’t worked out that great for you in the past. You are a crazy wonderful woman! Let him discover that for himself without trawling through your batshit crazy blog. Have fun and enjoy each other. Show him this madness a little further down the line. 😍😍😍

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    • My biggest fear with no sharing my blog is that we get in deep with each other and then when I share he cannot handle it and leaves. I have been hurt too much and I cannot afford to open myself up again so I no I will keep part of myself closed until he has read my blog. I do think I am going to wait a bit longer though


  2. Your story could be the story of my Queen and I. By the time we met (a week after first contact on line and 6 days after first talking on the phone) I was quite excited at the possibilities. Our first coffee date started at eight and closed the restaurant and hen continued in her car for a couple of hours. I got home after 4:00 in the morning and had to get up for work at six. Told a colleague that I’d met the girl I was going to marry!!☺️
    Oh I do hope this works out for you!! Best of luck!

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  3. You definitely don’t need to share the blog right away – my advice would be not to, especially if you’re sharing the big highlights of what you’ve written about.
    It would be far too overwhelming for most people – not because its you, just the nature of a blog.
    Take it slow and enjoy where this is going – one day at a time. 😘

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  4. Nick and I had that ‘instant connection’ on first sight. Him more than me, but I knew.

    Go slow, babe…it will last longer………..just sayin’.

    Reading this makes me miss my Nick. Good luck luv…..!

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  5. Reading this reminds me of when my husband and I first met. When it is right, it is right. But, like others mentioned, I’d keep the blog private for now…let him experience you, in person, up close and personal 🙂

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  6. Good luck. I hope it goes better than my recent one. I thought maybe but didn’t hold my breath and am so glad I didn’t cuz after just a few days of us talking about the future dating, he backed out. Realized he wasn’t ready to date. I was a mess yesterday. I agree, hold off on the blog. He may not even want to read it.

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