Jadalicious….The End!!!

Yes my bloggy friends tis the truth!! This is the end of what has been an amazing and incredible journey for me.!! This is the last blog post I will write for Sensuality Sex and Something else!! It is true my readers, I am not shitting you!! This my friends….is “The End”

This blog has served it’s purpose, it was an amazing forum to help me work through my batshit crazy journey of self discovery and I can honestly say that if not for this blog and many of my bloggy friends I do not think my journey would have been as much fun or even as successful!!

In just over 2 short years I transformed from a shy, insecure, frumpy, naive, sexually tense woman who was just going through the motions of living to a vivacious, self confident, somewhat attractive, outgoing woman who lives life with a passion!!

So why the end I hear you ask? Well here is the thing…Do ya ever see friends and family on your Facebook page have public arguments or discussions with their family members and you think “What the fuck, how crass is that”? Well I have on occasion and I have to wonder if they have any class at all BUT then there have been times in my blog where I have wondered if I have crossed THAT line….I think I skated awfully close to it a few times….Oh fuck it!! If I am being honest I am pretty sure I freaking crossed that line a few times. More than likely some of my written words have hurt the feelings of others, in fact I am sure there are times that they have. It was never my intention and the fact of the matter is I feel what I feel, and if the words are said or left unsaid it does not change how I feel….But!!!  There comes a time when you have to consider if a public forum or “supposedly anonymous blog”  is an appropriate place to express your feelings and at this point in my life it really is not!!

So now I am hearing you say “What the fuck has changed Jad”?
Great question!!

It seems the suck arse bitch universe has been working it’s crackpot style of creating balance in this world and amazingly, incredibly it seems I have met….. AND fallen in love with my Mr Impossible!!

I know right!! It is totally true, I am not shitting you, I promise!! But wait!! I know y’all are shocked so lemme back track a bit!!

You remember the horrible, awful falling out I had with “The Captain” right.? Well, fuck me dead but it seems that was the ending that HAD to happen. I know, I know your confused, but lemme explain…It turns out “The Captain” was not done with “MaM……And  MaM was not done with him… Even though The Captain and I had tried to transition to a friendship I was still struggling and if truth be told I would never have been able to accept or be comfortable with MaM in his life so I am pretty fucking sure the suck arsed bitch universe stepped in and took control!! I know it hurt like fuck, and for a while I felt so incredibly betrayed but at the end of the day “The Captain” deserves the right to his happy ending as much as I deserve mine and even if that goofball has not admitted it to himself yet I am pretty sure he is in love with MaM and has been for a lot longer than he would care to admit!! Anyway that is HIS story, not mine!!

My story is how I met my Mr Impossible and fell in love! It’s true!! I am in LOVE!!
Interestingly enough the suck arsed bitch universe has some weird fucked up timing because the EXACT day that I had the “be all and end all” falling out with “The Captain” was the exact day I met “Mr Impossible”. I know right…fucking twisted!!

I am sure I would not have been as open and receptive to the possibility of Mr Impossible while I was still tangled with “The Captain” and I also think it would have been too much of an ask for ANY reasonable man to open himself up to a woman who had that level of a “friendship” with someone who was a former lover so you can see WHY the suck arsed bitch universe stepped in right!!?

So most of you have read about my meeting Mr Impossible right? The 8 hour first date, the uncertainty, the on again off again relationship!!!! If not…what the fuck!! Go back and read it….or don’t!! It doesn’t matter….What does matter is that ME, master sabotager extraordinaire!!!! Has stopped sabotaging and has finally accepted that I am CRAZY in love!! Crazy in love with this man who climbed a mountain for me, this beautiful man who drove a one hour round trip to buy me hot chocolate, this thoughtful man who bought me my favorite perfume but more importantly remembered it was my favorite perfume. This adventurous man who just discovered (from me) how much fun commando can be then scrubs my stove clean in all his sexiness wearing JUST his jean, this sexy man who hangs washing on my  clothes line outside in all his nakedness…This gentle loving man who’s kisses are so electric they send tingles all down my spine…This man “Vanilla Kisses”!! My Mr Impossible who turned out to be totally probable!!

As you can imagine it is no longer appropriate to write about my sex life. It would be completely unfair not only to “Vanilla Kisses” but also to my friends and family who socialize with us..!!

So my friends, my readers, my fellow bloggers this is “The End”.!!!

Who the fuck am I kidding!!! I cannot stop writing, it’s in my blood, my bones, my pores and my sole, I have to let my words bleed out!!!

But it is true that I cannot keep writing a sex blog so here is the deal!!
This blog stays up until the end of October. I will read and respond to comments but NO further blog posts will be written. At the end of October I will be changing this blog so the posts become private. I am hoping by then I will have my new blog site set up.

Stay tuned for…wait for it!!! Drum role please!!!!…………………………….!!


This will be a totally “full frontal”……Noooooo not naked frontal’s….My face!!, I am talking about my face!!! It is true!!! Finally if y’all follow me to my new blog site you will get to see MY face 🙂

Anyway, I have a lot of “Jadventures” left in me. “Vanilla Kisses” and I have LOADS of fun shit to try, places to see, food to eat and things to do!! I hope y’all get to follow me there and join me on my “Jadventures”

Thank you to all of my loyal bloggy friends, followers, readers, friends and family…All of those very special people who took the time to offer support, advice, suggestions, wisdom, love, care and concern….I do hope that many of you choose to follow me to my new blog!! For those who decide not to…..Adios Amigos and Thank you for all your love and support!!!





49 thoughts on “Jadalicious….The End!!!

  1. Good on you. These blogs should serve a purpose. We all hold space for each other and we allow the personal transformation of each within it’s place and pace.
    Well done for getting the full process.
    A shame a few boards and committees don’t dissolve when their purpose is complete. The planet would not have to host so many boozy functions where blokes talk about a footy game 50 years ago.

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  2. Jade, that is fabulous news! I knew Vanilla Kisses was perfect when he turned up to your first meeting with a red 🌹! Congrats to you and your wonderful man, looking forward to meeting you (and hopefully him) on your new Jadventures! ❤❤❤ SWxo

    Liked by 2 people

    • For sure you will see me on my new Jadventures “full frontal in fact” Not sure if you will get to see “Vanilla kisses” that will be totally his choice and I guess time will tell!!


  3. Wow, that’s such big news Jad! And so awesome :)) I’m so happy for you- well done on doing the emotional work to shift yourself from who you were to who you are NOW. And congrats on finding the partner of your dreams for your new self 🙂 I look forward to following your new blog- let me know OK? Love G xx

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  4. Although it’s upsetting you won’t be using this blog anymore but at least we’ll have a newer one to follow, right?
    Haha. Looking forward to Jadventures (ingenious name, I must admit). Best of luck for whatever the future holds for you ❤.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, it has been an amazing journey but I am sure my new blog will be bound to provide loads of laughs….After all at the end of the day I am still a fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy chick who is about to embark on a new Jadventure!!


  5. You have surprised me again my friend and I am so happy to be sharing these new (J)adventures with you in person after meeting you online. We are living proof that finding love online is totally possible – though it sounds like a painful cliche and totally not-cool, it is wonderful to be able to say this. I am thrilled for this next step and it goes without saying that I will follow you to the next blog 🙂

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  6. Of course it is “cool” and I love cliche’s….after all Mr Impossible had some very cliche moves!!!
    I am pretty sure some of my Jadventures are going to involve a certain fellow blogger I consider myself lucky enough to have met!!

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  7. I am so very happy for you luv…..I, too, hope to find my Mr. Impossible. I thought I had but that won’t work out. So MY journey continues. Good luck with Mr. Impossible who is now….Mr. Yes! …?


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  8. Congrats!!! So glad you’ve found your happiness and that the blog has served its purpose in being a companion in this part of your journey. I’d love to follow your newest adventures in whatever form they take!

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