An open letter to “Mr Impossible”…..Are you him?

If you are reading this AND you have been lucky enough to go on a couple of dates with me then I gave you this link because I believe there is the potential for us to have mileage and you MAY just be my “Mr Impossible…. I stress MAY because it is early days yet….. BUT before we go any further you need to know me…I mean really truly “Know me”

This blog is my journey, it tells the story of how I went from a sad, shy, frumpy almost 50 year old to the vibrant, outgoing, energetic woman that I am today….However this journey is not without some mistakes in judgement, difficult times, inspirational moments, trials and tribulations!!

It is gonna take you a while to read my blog right from the beginning but if you are really interested in getting to know me…The “real me”, then it is worth it….”I” am worth it!!

But there are three rules, I know fuck, we barely know each other and I am already setting rules…But really they ARE important rules and I need you to trust me enough to follow them!!

First – you need to start from the beginning…I am serious!…all the way back to July 2016!
Secondly – you cannot skip any posts, I mean it!! Even if you are bored shitless… suck it up buttercup and keep reading!!
Finally – And most importantly I need you to keep an open mind. Hopefully I am a good enough judge of character that I already think that you have that within you but one never knows really!!

Also the one thing you will always get from me is 100% honesty and when you first start reading this blog you may begin to have some misconceptions about me…Truly, you may be thinking things like “Damn she sleeps around a lot” “First date sex” “Why haven’t” we fucked” “Does this bitch not have any filter” “OMG did she just write that, what about social norms”?
You may even start to have some unsavory feelings, opinions or judgments about me and you know what…That’s okay, you feel what you feel and you think what you think and if those feelings, judgments or opinions are what you feel it is good that you have the been able to read this blog because now you have the opportunity to decide if I am the right person for you.

Here is another thing I want you to know, I often describe myself as a “fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy, self confessed nympho” I am ALL of them and more but because I quite clearly like and enjoy sex that does not mean the next time I see you we are going to fuck!!

By the time you get to the end of my blog you will see that I am OVER that!!, I had my fun, I have sewn my wild oats…Ya know what most people do in their 20s and 30s I did it in my 50s. But my sexual liberation and exploration needs to take a different path and after my most recent experience with “Mr No-Longer” whom you will get to read about I have set some VERY strict rules for myself which will always involve pre date “BoB”!!

So the fact that you are reading my blog does not give  you a ticket for a night of hot horny fucking…. It does however give you an unique insight to my journey  and my metamorphic transformation be finally becoming the person I was always supposed to be!!

I expose every part of my heart and my soul in my blog, at times it is raw and painful, sometimes witty and playful and other times downright sexual and sensual but it is ALWAYS truthful and totally ME!!

My blog gives you something unique and special, if you follow the rules like I asked then you have the opportunity to learn how to love me…The real me!!….So if that appeals to you? If you think we have the potential for a long lasting loving relationship…Then read on my friend…read on!!