Monkey sex and rubber tubes!!

The suck arse bitch universe decided that since “The Captain” was going to be moving to the middle of bumfuck and nowhere we would at least have opportunity for one last weekend filled with monkey sex, folly and fun!!.. Oh, and as an added bonus ┬áMon Capitaine also gets to stay with me an extra […]

Give away to good home?!?!

Not really!! I just needed some way to get your attention!! Although, in the coming months I am going to be sorting out my spare room which has somehow become my closet. During this purge I will be giving away a whole bunch of clothes, shoes, purses and whatnot ┬ábecause even though I can do […]

The universe is a suck arse bitch!!!

So…! The suck arse bitch universe actually did it AND she did it in the fucking no nonsense matter of fact style that is usually typical of a man… Sexist of me I know but tell me it’s not true!!! Most women are so fucking dramatic about everything whereas men are just like “ah well, […]

An open letter to Susan!!

Well fuck, I figured it was time to write this letter, its been on my mind for a while now but recent events have bought it to head… Before I do however, let me tell you the frame of mind I am in right now because it is probably going to put an interesting spin […]

I’m all out of sorts!!

Do you ever get that way? Do other people get into a funk and don’t know why or what the cause is, or is it just batshit crazy fubar’s like me? This is a serious question I have? I often wonder if the shit that goes on in my head is normal or if everyone […]

I’ve got you, under my skin!

So in my last blog post I talked about the things that I am going to miss when I go home but what I did not talk about was Mon Capitaine or Louise and MrT!!!! Seriously, where the fuck do I start…? How the fuck do I say goodbye to these 3 people whom have […]