Prelude to…Goodbye lover, hello friend!

I am writing this blog post on the morning of the 11th of June, exactly 6 days until I see Mon Capitaine in Hawaii!! This is a prelude to our goodbye in Hawaii and I will very likely write another goodbye post once I return and then y’all will have a comparison for the fantasy […]

Somebody mixed my medicine!!

Somebody mixed my medicine! I don’t know what I’m on Somebody mixed my medicine! Somebody’s in my head again!! Are you freaking confused yet?! I don’t blame ya, so the fuck am I!! The above are some lyrics to a song by “The pretty reckless” and it is totally apt because that is exactly what […]

He who is yet to be named!!

Oh fuck I still cannot come up with the perfect name for him!! Originally I was thinking of Mr Thursday because our first three dates were all on Thursdays and to be honest with you I started to suspect that he was married and Thursdays was his “supposed” poker night with the boys but our […]

Hawaii or Bust!!

Okay y’all I apologize in advance but you are gonna get blog spammed, I have two posts to write and a reblog!! I know I know but fuck it has been a while and I have a little lot of catching up to do so read on my friends!! Two weeks today yesterday I am […]

Wading into the fishpond!!

So begins my journey back into online dating, cripes on a crumpet why the fuck do I do this shit to myself!! I had barely put my profile together before I started to get slammed with messages!! Honestly you would have thought my profile said “free sex, come and get it” I promise it doesn’t […]

Go get a cup of coffee —–>

I am serious!! Go now and get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, cup of tea, bonox, glass of wine!!! Whatever you need because Y’all are going to be sitting here for a minute!! I mean for real, how fricken long has it been since I have written a blog post?! Eons right!!! And I […]