Jadalicious….The End!!!

Yes my bloggy friends tis the truth!! This is the end of what has been an amazing and incredible journey for me.!! This is the last blog post I will write for Sensuality Sex and Something else!! It is true my readers, I am not shitting you!! This my friends….is “The End” This blog has […]

Where the fuck did this glitter come from?!!

I was supposed to climb a mountain yesterday!! I mean literally climb a fucking mountain…But after saying goodbye to Vanilla kisses I did not feel like doing anything except being curled up on my sofa in my jammies. I thought about dragging my arse up and still going to the mountain alone for about ummm […]

Goodbye Vanilla Kisses!!

Oh fuck I tried, I really did try but I realized after playing with Vanilla kisses on Wednesday night and the transaction being incomplete that I could not keep denying that part of myself!! I know…I can hear you asking “what the fuck are you talking about Jad?” Well let me explain!! I need heat….And […]

Improbably impossible!!

Okay well it is official!! I am totally fucking batshit crazy!! I know right, I have been telling y’all this ALL along but it really truly is official now. I have achieved my badge of honor in batshit craziness!! Let me tell y’all why I received my badge!! Remember Vanilla kisses?! Well firstly let me […]