I was slimed!!

I have to tell y’all about the most hysterically funny traumatic experience of my life!! I am not shitting you! I mean, I have had enough fucking traumatic experiences in my life to write a plethora of books if I wanted to… But NONE of them have been as equally hysterically funny as they were […]

Day of Decadence!!

Today was “D” day!! Yup!! You got it!! “Decadence day”! BUT…let me back track a little because honestly it almost did not happen! Yesterday I took my Mum out for the afternoon and on the way home in the car I told her about the “Pink Panther” and how he was coming down to spend […]

A Letter To Jad

Originally posted on The Captain's Speech:
Dear Jad, I’ve hit only seven letters on my keyboard and the computer already wants to autocorrect your name to “Had”. And they say technology is supposed to be smart. Ha! What do they know? Who is “they” anyway? While I’m inadvertently talking about robots, don’t you find…

The not so virgin bed!!

Okay I admit it, I broke my 6 5 4  3rd date sex rule and after the 2nd date my bed is no longer a virgin!! I followed “The Captains” instructions explicitly and wore a G-string and I thought it was cute that early in the evening the “Pink Panther” ran his hand over my backside […]

Jadalicious 66/6 model, 2018 edition.

In this weird fucked up situation which is currently my life “Mon Capitaine” and I have had some equally weird conversations with some suggestions on if he needs to write an instruction manual for the “Pink Panther” I told My Captain that I thought this was a fucking awesome idea!! I said that he if […]