Home is where the heart is!!!!

It’s so true that home is where the heart is… But what about when your heart is spread out across continents!?!? I booked my ticket home, December 10th is my last day in America… When I say my ticket home I am talking about Australia… Despite the fact that I was actually born in the […]

Playing house with The Captain!!!

Yep!! I am not shitting you!! I am currently playing house with “Mon Capitaine” Bet you never thought you would see that happen did ya!! Well to tell you the truth neither did I however circumstances led to “My Captain” asking me how I would feel about him staying with me for 4 days….Let me […]

Shit, shower and shave!!

Those are my Fathers words…this was his morning routine and I would often hear him say he was going to “shit, shower and shave” I should have listened to my Father for he was a wise man!! I should have understood the importance of the ORDER of those 3 little words…Shit, shower, shave!! I consider […]

Time to talk taboo!!

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a LONG time now but then I have to wonder just when does it become TMI!! I know, I know, I have no fucking filter and I passed the point of TMI when I started talking about poop or swallowing my own vomit but the things […]