Taking back the power!!

I realized with recent events that I give people WAY too much power to hurt me and ultimately at the end of the day the ONLY person who can fix that is me!! But honestly how the fuck does one go about taking back that power?! Wait, what the fuck am I talking about?! Taking […]

Are you him? Can this be real?

“As I look deep into your eyes trying to look into your soul I have to wonder “Are you him? could you be my Mr. Impossible?!!” So my friends, readers and fellow bloggers as you know my from my last post I had a plethora of dates just recently and another of plethora of dates […]

Being dispensable!!

Okay y’all so this blog post is probably one that I should not write when I am deep in pain but I am going to write it anyway and see if I end up posting it or not. It might sounds like a bunch of nonsensical dribble and y’all might just want to skip this […]

Some people are just nucking futs!!

OMFG I am back on the dating merry go round!! I have totally givenĀ  up on the free sites! I have deleted my profiles from PoF and Oasis and have all but given up on RSVP…!! I mean RSVP is okay…..If I was looking for a sugar daddy, I am freaking serious I lost count […]

Mr No-longer!!

Remember Mr whatever from my last blog post here ? Well here is your update….. he is now Mr no longer! Seems after 3 dates each of which ended in some incredible sex we have mutually called it off. I know right!! I hear you yelling “Why oh WHY did I give up incredible sex!!” […]