When will I ever learn?!

So here I am 17 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes away from going home to Australia and I have all of my suitcases fully packed except one, my final suitcase, which is currently 41 lbs, this means I have 9 lbs of weight left that I can pack in it… The problem is I […]

Honey I’m home!!

Just kidding!! Well not really because technically this cute little cabin in the woods is still my home for another 22 days, 9 hours and 45 minutes!! But who’s counting. Sorry it has been a while since I blogged, did ya miss me? Please tell me you did or I might be sad, even if […]

Butterfly kisses and practice goodbyes!

After writing this post I realized I needed to come back to the beginning and post a “read at your own risk” warning!! No No, nothing like that, it is not about poop, vomit, kinky fuckery or sex,…or any  other topic of interest for that matter!! The warning is because this post is possibly so […]

The over indulging “nerd” girl!!

Halloween in St Louis and “The Captain” and I booked a classy hotel downtown and tickets to a pub crawl where Y’all get to dress up for Halloween and visit a whole bunch of assorted pubs and bars in downtown St Louis… The thing of it is while it says it is a pub crawl […]

Eating words that taste delicious!!

Mon Capitaine: “Ok… you come here…I’ll make sure you get sex every night…Not 3 times a week. You done know I can wear your ass out, and Imma make you eat your interview words….:) Do you remember this from my last blog post??!! Well finally!!! Between eating incredible food, having fun at the Casino, shopping when […]