Who is this impostor?!

Holy fuck!! How the freaking hell did this happen?! In trying to analyse just what the fuck is going on in my batshit crazy brain…cause Y’all know I analyse the fuck out of EVERYTHING…I came to the realization that I just don’t recognize myself…who is this woman and where the fuck did Jad go?!! I […]

Obsession in death!!

Have ya ever read the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb? Not sure why but this blog title made me think of them, great series by the way!! Oh, or it could have been the other way around maybe…Could be the series gave me the idea of the blog name…oh well who the fuck knows […]

Sometimes I need a bloody good smack!!

It is true!! I really do! And I don’t mean a delicious spanking, I mean someone needs to give me a bloody good smack on the butt and tell me to get my shit together!! I am feeling a little frustrated with myself right now if you can’t tell….So what bought this on I hear […]

Senses on high alert!!

I know this blog is a little late and y’all are just dying to delve further into my sexploration…Well some of you are anyway!!…Those of you who know me are probably groaning very loudly right now wondering just how much TMI  you are going to have to contend with!! But y’all love me anyway so […]

Fornication in hell!!

Whilst I am still playing around on the swings and roundabouts it seems that I am now doing it in the devils playground!! Truly! I am not shitting you!! On Saturday I went to a wine and food festival with a friend….I know…It’s true…My friends DO want to spend time with me and all I […]